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Office of the Director-General


To facilitate integrated development and social cohesion through participatory approaches in partnership with all sectors of society.



  1. Manage the process of access to land, including land ownership and sustainable development
  2. Develop and coordinate policies and programmes in support of the implementation of land reform
  3. Provide geo-spatial and technology research and development services
  4. Provide social, technical, rural livelihood and institutional facilitation
  5. Facilitate rural infrastructure development strategies for socio-economic growth
  6. Register deeds and other documents
  7. Coordinate and administer cadastral surveys
  8. Render corporate support services
  9. Render financial and supply chain management services
  10. Evaluate the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls, governance and risk management of all business processes
  11. Coordinate activities of the economic cluster
  12. Strategically manage stakeholder and international relations as well as media liaison
  13. Provide strategic and management support services
  14. Coordinate, manage and advise on safety and security
  15. Develop policy research

Chief Directorates
Risk Management
Strategic and Management Support
Internal Audit
Policy Research and Development
Safety and Security Services
International Relations and Community Liaison
Cluster Coordination, Special Programmes and intergovernmental Relations

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