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Deeds Registration


To register deeds and other documents.

Strategic Objectives

  1. Provisioning of efficient land administration services
  2. Participating in land and agrarian reform activities and programmes aimed at consolidating the African Agenda
  3. Developing programmes for empowerment of women, children, people with disability and those living with HIV/Aids, as well as older persons within the context of the department’s mandate
  4. Developing proactive strategies for risk and compliance management.


  1. Provide a deeds registration function
  2. Provide legal support and deeds training services
  3. Provide deeds registration and support systems
  4. Provide deeds financial management and support services
  5. Provide deeds rural development and land reform support services
  6. Provide service delivery coordination services

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Deeds Registration Services Commitment Charter and Standards


Deeds Offices

Deeds Registration Branch has offices across major cities in South Africa, and can be contacted for deeds related queries.

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