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Rural Enterprise and Industrial Development (REID)

To facilitate poverty reduction, social organisation, youth development and the development of cooperatives, rural enterprises and industries.

Components and functions
1.    Reduce household poverty in accordance with CRDP.
2.    Promote rural businesses development and facilitate rural development financing
3.    Facilitate establishment and support of primary cooperatives.
4.    Facilitate organisation of primary cooperatives into secondary and tertiary coops and provide support.
5.    Facilitate the development of rural enterprise and industries.
6.    Provide strategic management in the coordination of financial and non-financial service delivery.
7.    Provide social organisation and youth development towards economic upliftment.

Chief Directorates:
1. Poverty Reduction
2. Small Business Development and Development Finance
3. Secondary and Tertiary Cooperatives
4. Rural Industrial Development
5. Service Delivery Coordination
6. Social Organisation and Youth development

CRDP: Archives

Implementation Evaluation of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CRDP): 2013

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