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17 JUNE 2021

The Minister of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development Ms. Thoko Didiza wishes to announce the allocation of the 108 housing units to the District Six claimants. This third phase of the District Six Redevelopment Project will see 108 dwellings being allocated to previously dispossessed people.

In previous phases, a total of 139 claimants who were dispossessed received their new homes.

“Tomorrow the Land Claims Commission will begin the administrative process of engaging with the 108 claimants that have been allocated dwellings. These claimants will be informed of the process and they will be able to view their allocated dwellings. They will also be given an opportunity to accept or reject the dwellings,” said Minister Didiza.

The process of returning to District Six for the 108 claimants will take place from 24 June to 16 July 2021. A portion of the returning claimants are the Originally Dispossessed Individuals who applied for Special Needs (applications were assessed by an Independent Selection Panel and there was an Appeal process), the criteria included those who were originally dispossessed, the aged, those with ill health status and those who are most impoverished.
The Commission has received a total of 34 appeals and the process has been concluded.

Other claimants to receive dwellings in this phase were selected from the official list in order of the date of lodgment. Since there are more than 1000 claimants who opted for dwellings, further redevelopment phases will be ensued.

The construction of the remaining units will be carried out in two major builds to be completed in August 2024 where all remaining claimants will be accommodated.

The dwellings in Phase 3 consist of a mix of apartments and row houses that have been built along the original street network of District 6. The homes have a minimum of 3 bedrooms and are designed to cater for family units and allow for future expansion, to add more space by the users if required. This was done to encourage as many of the original dispossessed families to return to District 6 and to protect against ‘gentrification.’ The residential units are supported with public spaces, paved streets, roads with streetlighting and parking.

The roads comprise a series of low traffic streets linking to adjacent access routes, alternating with parking areas doubling up as play courts, with a mix of surface treatments including permeable paving. A new access route was constructed to link Hanover and Constitution Streets. Landscaping consists of trees and street furniture. The design has incorporated many of the original heritage elements of District.


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