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Strengthening the relative rights of people working the land

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Highlifhts from the Annual Performance Plan 2019/2020

The 54th African National Congress (ANC) conference resolution on land expropriation without compensation will bring hope to our people. This resolution will help accelerate the efforts we are preparing for in 2019 and ensure the land expropriation is amongst a suite of measures for land reform and contribute towards improved food security and inclusive, social and economic growth of our people.

Therefore, the plans we have put in place for this upcoming financial year seek to better integrate rural areas into the economy through strengthening of our land reform programmes, infrastructure development, enterprise development; job creation and skills development. To contribute to integrated and co-ordinated service delivery both within the department, with sector departments, provincial departments and the municipalities, the department has enhanced tools to enable spatial targeting and
budgeting. This will enable us to optimize our resources and mobilise additional resources including the private sector.

The department will continue to advance land reform through existing programmes such as land restitution, land redistribution and land tenure reform using the existing constitutional provisions to argue for limited compensation, including in cases such as the return of land to labour tenants and farm dwellers.

The department will take full advantage to utilize the Office of the Valuer-General to determine land prices and introduce certain changes, were necessary, to expedite the processes. As the department, we are trying to instil a land rights culture to ensure that illegal evictions and human rights abuses on farms are discontinuing. The positioning and support to efforts of developing land disputes and adjudication machinery provided for by the recently enacted Act No. 2 of 2018: Extension of Security of Tenure Amendment Act, 2018, as well guidance from the public in the consultations on accelerating land reform makes provision on not only the Land Rights Management Board proposed by the Amendment Act, but also a more elaborate mediation service and a reconfigured Land Claims Court.​​​​