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Building Vibrant, Equitable and

Sustainable Rural Communities

Mandate and Outcome 7

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Government has agreed on 12 outcomes as a key focus of work between now and 2014. Each outcome has a limited number of measurable outputs with targets. Each output is linked to a set of activities that will help achieve the targets and contribute to the outcome. Each of the 12 outcomes has a delivery agreement which in most cases in​volves all spheres of government and a range of partners outside government. Outcome 7 aims to achieve "vibrant, equitable and sustainable rural communities". Amongst the contributing departments are COGTA, DPW, DWA, dti, DSD, Energy, EDD, DHET, DOT, DPSA, DST etc. Outcome 7 is used as a vehicle to fast track service delivery in rural areas. It seeks to ensure that rural people's quality of life, their access to quality services, livelihoods and income are improved.

 Outcome 7 is implemented through 5 outputs:

  • Output 1: Sustainable agrarian reform with a thriving farming sector

  • Output 2: Improved access to affordable and diverse food

  • Output 3: Improved rural services to support livelihoods

  • Output 4: Improved employment and skills development opportunities

  • Output 5: Enabling institutional environment for sustainable and inclusive growth

 Programme of Action

Outcome 7 Delivery Agreements Rural Development.pdf

Outcomes Review Food Security 2 October 2011.pdf

Taking Outcome7 Forward Simon Meyer Slides October 2011.pdf

Process Plans Slides October 2011.pdf

Review of the Delivery Agreement and Programme of Action for outcome 7 Report October 2011.pdf

Outcome 7 Q and A Sessions October 2011.pdf

Sustainable Agrarian Reform Dr Tsakani Ngomane Slides October 2011.pdf

Department of Land Reform and Rural Development – Outcomes Review - Group 2 Report – Food Security

Quality Infrasrtucture for improved access to sustainable services and Economic activity and Rehabilitation Review Oct 2011.pdf